JUL 2007 - 3Clicks - Employee

I worked as employee from July 2007 to April 2009, when i started to work as freelancer with them and i am still working with them now.
In this work i learned a lot of skills that i have now because i had to be responsible for all.

On the one hand i started administrating one server and as the company grew the numbers of servers were growing up too until that was needed to optimize load speed of the sites, so i had to develop a load balancer system by myself and tried to tweak servers in order to be able to increase the number of request per second without overload the system. Later we migrate servers to Amazon EC2 instances, where besides develop another load balance system i had to do a shell script for turning on and off amazon instances if there was more or less web traffic.
I also had to develop a good backup system for saving databases and files in a incremental way saving a lot of disc space.

The company had a designer, but without any CSS knowledge, so i had to layout in CSS all the projects.

About coding, i developed almost everything in PHP & MySQL with own code allowing me to solve any objective of the projects, although i modified Wordpress code in order to manage several blogs using only one, and i also learned NodeJS for some applications.